Driveway Waiver

If the Pop Up Dumpster Bag placement, requires us to drive on your driveway or that of another owner's property to get to the bag, Pop Up Dumpster Bag is not responsible for any damage done to the lawn or driveway.
The following rules must be applied if placing the bag in a spot in which our trucks need to access via the driveway:
Driveway must be at least 10 ft wide in order for our truck to fit
Dumpster bag can be placed no further than 15 ft from the driveway
If the driveway is inaccessible, the bag must be no further than 10 ft from the street
In order to pick up, the truck needs a minimum of 20 ft of clearance from the ground
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service at 877-BAG-HAUL or 877-224-4285 or email at

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