Dumpster rental vs. a dumpster bag. Which dumpster should I choose?

Dumpster vs. Dumpster Bag

Dumpster vs. Dumpster Bag

Let's break down the difference between both of these junk removal types!


  • Suitable for the extensive junk removal process
  • More oversized items such as furniture or appliances can fit easily
  • Best for ongoing projects 
  • You're moving and would like to throw out more trash than normal
  • A home remodeling project that produced a lot of debris
  • Spring or fall cleaning for the yard 
  • Cleaning up after a large storm
  • Door accessible for large items or thrown over the sidewalls

Dumpster Bag

  • Quickly move around your space to collect trash
  • Scheduled for a one-time pickup
  • Up to 3500lbs of debris removed in one clean up
  • If you know what waste you are throwing out, you can schedule accordingly
  • Can be left in the package until it's time to clean (no lost yard space)
  • No deadlines or plans until you are ready
  • Best for specific projects or quick clean-ups
  • Low down to place items easily into the bag

Each of these junk removal processes has many positives but also negatives. There are limits to each dumpster type. The dumpster bag would only fit a certain amount of trash, while the dumpster limits the space. Depending on your project, you'd have to imagine the junk or debris you are removing, depending on the type of project. For example, is the bathroom remodel for a master bathroom, or is it a half bath? One may produce more debris than the other. 

A dumpster bag is quickly filled and removed at your pace. Dumpsters are placed in a location, then scheduled for pickup. Like the dumpster, the dumpster bag would also need to be planned with stricter guidelines as the truck removing the dumpster bag must have access to the bag from the street. 

On the other hand, the dumpster has to be gauged by how much room you rented. Did you overguesstimate, or is it now overweight? These differences would incur fees that make it quite an expensive process of removing that junk in the long run. While there are fees to removing a dumpster bag, the pickup prices would stay the same for the debris type. The only fee a dumpster bag may incur is the Trip Fee, which is that there is some issue for the driver being unable to remove the load during the scheduled window of time. 

Between these two types of junk removal methods, plenty of projects serve both styles well. 

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